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No Codename; SPN/J2 BigBang 2011



Title: No Codename

Author: clex_monkie89

Artist: infinity_812

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Jared/Jensen

Wordcount: 25,000

Summary: Jared's got a brand new show, tons of things to keep him busy, and pretty much the most awesome costar he's ever met. Okay, so maybe he has some less than entirely pure thoughts about said costar sometimes, but he's, like, eighty-three percent sure Jensen thinks impure thoughts about him, too. Sometimes. Possibly. Now he just has to stop being so chicken-shit and actually make a move.

Warnings: Non-AU, bad jokes, lots of food grossness, jokes about various things in bad taste (STDs, eating disorders, Chad Michael Murray, dating Chad Michael Murray, Texas, Texas mothers, The Little Mermaid, and more), and boys acting like boys.

Notes: This year was my first time participating in the SPN/J2 BigBang Challenge, or any fandom-related event for that matter. It was fun, I have to admit. My author, clex_monkie89 , was a blast to work with, she was a big help towards my art and also my inspiration, I couldn’t have gotten a better writer. She is pretty much the epitome of awesome.


The story I chose is titled No Codename. It is awesome and you should put it on your to-read list, bookmark it, save it, whatever, just read it. Or, y’know, skip the art altogether and go read it! It’ll be worth it, trust me.


I’m pretty disappointed with the drawings, I just couldn’t grasp the drawing techniques I used to have, I guess. So that’s why they look kinda crap. I also didn’t complete two other drawings, mostly because I kept trying and it just wouldn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. Sorry, clex_monkie89 








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